Freedom Checks’ Compliance with United States Tax Code

by: Lexie2005
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Freedom Checks which recently has been hitting the media headlines have been confirmed to be a legal form of invest despite most of its viewers writing them off. It is because they have complied with the tax code of the United States for more than 30 years. The primary reason for the write off is due to the viewers misunderstanding the nature of these Checks thus drawing an early conclusion that they are a form of scam. Also, the average people are not familiar with Matt Badiali and to whom he gets the authority to speak on them. Also, his qualification and the legitimacy of this Checks is also disputed. Read more about Freedom Checks at

Matt Badiali enrolled for his undergraduate studies in Penn State University where he expounded his knowledge and skills on Earth Science. He, later on, joined the University of Florida Atlantic for his postgraduate studies in Master of Science in Geology. With this excellent educational basis, he was ranked to be among the best geologist and also, he tends to serve as a financial analyst. Matt established freedom Checks, the dominant investment program, and he holds Checks worth $114,287 is the largest investor in them. While performing his role for inspecting the wells and mines, he was able to travel around the world. Also, he had a golden chance to interrogate the CEOs during his geologist training hence learning about Investment straight from the horse mouth.


Having Freedom Checks characterized as a form of Investment thus, this becomes the distinguishing feature between them and other kinds of scam. It also has its limitations just like any other form of investing and therefore, a company is required to make annual payments before starting to trade. Consequently, it is clear that no free money is given out, but it’s the efforts one make and number of commitment put in place that renders him profit.

Finally, Freedom Checks are a legitimate form of Investment, and they are also referred as MLP investment, and they usually yield higher profits to their investors due to their tax-free income nature because government tends to view them as returns on capital. The ability to be traded at less than $10 makes cheap and affordable to even the lower class individuals. Read this article at Money Morning.