Anthony Petrello, A Great Businessman

by: Lexie2005
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Anthony Petrello is the president, CEO and the chairman of the board of Nabors industries. He has been the Chairman of the Board since 2012. He has served as Chief Operating Officer since 1991. Nabors is one of the Largest geothermal and natural gas contractors. Before joining Nabors, Anthony worked at the law firm Baker and Mckenzie as a managing partner of the firms New York office until his resignation. He pursued a degree course in Harvard Law School and a degree in mathematics from Yale University. Anthony Petrello is an advocate for research and clinical programmes to point out issues and needs of children with neurological disorders.

In his road to success, things have not been that easy for him. He maintains a high code of conduct and treats everyone with respect and equality. Although he is a brilliant and very successful businessman, he says most of his success comes from the way he treats fellow workers. Anthony has created many job opportunities as a captain of a modern company hence making lives manageable for many citizens. Unlike many prominent people who have made it with less effort, he has struggled to make it from a predominant neighborhoods in Newark. He attended a funded public school and was awarded as a mathematical scholar at Yale University.

As a philanthropist, Anthony has given back to the community that provided him with the opportunities. Each year he has donated money to charities each year. When a Hurricane Harvey affected many of his workers, he did not hoard to his fund and resources but instead offered help. Nabors employees took time off to help with relief efforts. To appreciate this effort he paid his employees as a part-time job for giving aid and support when it was needed most.

Nabors Industries has continued to grow and is known as one of the largest publicly traded companies in the United States. He tops in one of the highest paid CEOs in the United States. His great earnings are a real sign of the success of his company which he has made to be a competitive and productive oil and gas industry.

Through all his accomplishment he has proved that no matter how disadvantaged one may be, it cannot define your success. Tony Petrello is a remarkable man points out the fruits of education. No situation is overwhelming when it comes to success.