Paul Mampilly’s article on Myriad Genetics

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Paul Mampilly works for Banyan Hill Publishing as an author as well as an editor. He is the editor of the newspaper named Profits Unlimited. This newspaper brings to the publication almost $100 in profits annually. Recently, via this newsletter, Paul made public a very catchy article concerning the most significant medical inventions. Follow Paul on

Paul is known for his captivating headlines. Just from the title of an article, one can gain immediate interest in the section. They are always full off indirect suggestions of the article’s content. On his discussion on the medical breakthroughs, Paul outdid himself with the attractive headlines.

After a thorough analysis of the headlines in these articles, it was very evident that Paul was talking about the Myriad Genetics. The company is located in Utah. The company is primarily focused on manufacturing and administering oncological tests. They also deal with studying of various cancer type and their advancement over time. In small extents, the company also looks into other diseases aside from cancer. The company extensively specializes in studying the genetic characteristic of both colon and breast cancer. The study enabled them to predict people who might be more vulnerable to these types of cancer. It also lets them identify such types of cancer at early stages and increase the chance of their treatment. Follow Paul Mampilly on

According to an ad produced by Paul Mampilly, Myriad Genetics was a great place for investments. The announcement was released in July last year. One month after, the stock market value of this firm started improving. The positive reports he published concerning the biotech firm significantly enhanced its markets. In turn, it had a tremendous increase in profits in less than three months. The company had initially made lower sales due to the increased competition by companies in the same line of products.

Though Myriad genetics face a lot of competition in the markets, when it comes to genetic cancer trait analysis, the firm tops the lists. They have remained on top for almost half a decade. Unfortunately, despite their prowess, they still face problems such as receiving too specific orders that are hard and costly to satisfy.

When it comes to medical inventions, the successes Myriad Genetics can easily be outlined. However, according to Paul Mampilly’s article, the company has had a not very impressive economic trend. Although its financial status improved, it did so with thin margins. Its financial condition is the complete opposite of what investors expect concerning its medical achievements. Despite all this, it is reported that majority of investment advisors are expecting growth over the next few years.