Lending a Home to Hurricane Harvey Victims with Barbara Strokes

by: Lexie2005
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Barbara Stokes of Huntsville, AL helps to operate a Disaster Relief Construction Contractor. Recently, they have created a new contract with FEMA to build modular homes for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. It has a value of $28,516,300 and to be finished by March 2018. Visit cullmantimes.com to know more about Barbara Stokes.

GSH is happy to lend a helping hand to those who have suffered and lost their homes from the tragedy. The homes are designed and fully equipped with automatic fire suppression system. The Green Structure Homes Of Alabama was founded in 2008 and they offer the government homing solutions that are engineered, manufactured, and uniquely designed. In addition, Barbara has proudly accepted them since she has had over 30 years of experience with Disaster Reliefs.

Since they founded GSH, they have worked together on land planning, built houses for schools, and even for military projects. She is busier than ever now that she has 3 kids and a community who needs her help since the disaster. Stokes is a philanthropist, she loves to help people and better their lives for the common good. Even if it has to do with their medical aspect, she is always lending her hand.

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Stokes mentions that she lives a very busy life and she tries to make sure that she has the time of day to spend with her kids. She loves everything about her life because her family supports her career and she loves to visit them while they are at school.

With that said, she is a woman leading the future for better-equipped homes or you can say smart homes. Her number one advice to being a good entrepreneur is to spend time with her friends and family and always, give back when she can because it shows how hard she works on her projects.

In conclusion, Stokes wants everyone to know that you should never underestimate your value and what you can give to others when you put the time and effort. She is a lovely and awesome woman to give so kindly to others in need. Stokes cares a lot for people. Read more at Business Insider.