End Citizens United’s Endorsements For Midterms – Tiffany Muller Leads The Team

by: Lexie2005
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End Citizens United is a political action committee that was formed in 2015, after a Supreme Court decision that made mile-long strides in considering corporations people. This decision made it possible for a corporate entity to donate near limitless amounts of cash to politicians.

This hasn’t only led to an unfair balance in politics, but has also affected people in their place of work. If a corporation supports a certain politician to such an extreme amount then they will also try to influence the votes of their employees. By giving corporations the power to back a political candidate to such extreme amounts, the Supreme Court has harmed the democratic process in multiple ways.

End Citizens United merely wants to have this decision reversed, but have had no success in these regards. Instead, they are now endorsing political candidates that do not accept large payments from corporations and opposing politicians that do accept large amounts of cash. End Citizens United is attempting to overturn the decision themselves, by removing politicians who accept large donations from office.

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End Citizens United keeps a list of political opposition. It calls this list the Big Money 20 because they are 20 of the most prominent Republican incumbents who accept large money from big corporations. This list includes major names in the GOP such as Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

End Citizens United also supports a variety of Democratic candidates that do not accept money from rich companies. Max Rose of NY, Paul David from Kansas, Dean Phillips from Minnesota, and Jason Crow from Colorado are only a few of the candidates that are supported by End Citizens United.

Leading End Citizens United is Tiffany Muller, the President and Executive director. Prior to joining End Citizens United, Tiffany had a incomparable resume in politics. She has served as chief of staff for two separate congressman and has served in the world of a local politician in Kansas, where she was the first openly gay politicians to hold a chair.

With Muller’s leadership, End Citizens United is sure to someday bring the voting power back to the common American.