Mighty Fortress Church Fosters Spiritual Growth through Books and Spiritual Meetings

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One of the benefits of going to a place of worship is seeking spiritual guidance. Scientific research discovered that the weekly attendance of church is beneficial to humans. That explains why at Mighty Fortress Church, the mission statement capitalizes on teaching Christians who they are, their genesis and their future. The Mighty Fortress Church has a strong vision to guide Christians. Since its foundation, the church has built a dynamic worshipping platform across Minneapolis. Through the leadership of experienced, spiritual leaders, Mighty Fortress Church helps Christians celebrate the existence of God by creating a comfortable environment for worship. Visit lifeway.com to know more.


Christians understand the value of spiritual fulfillment. That is why Mighty Fortress Church provides Christians with an environment to accomplish its mission. The church focuses on applying biblical principles that encourage forgiveness, love and the acceptance of others and their needs. To promote peace and societal growth, Mighty Fortress Church provides believers with a platform to interact with God.


Mighty Fortress Church was founded to build an army of Christians. The church nourishes Christian’s faith by equipping them to become God’s creatures. This is done to empower Christians to stand their ground in spiritual warfare against darkness. The mission of this church is accomplished through local churches, internet communications, workshops, special meetings and video tutorials. To strengthen the purpose of the church in the community, these efforts are supported by strong ministries and stakeholders.

Worshipping Through Music

Mighty Fortress Church has a team that uses music to create Godly atmosphere. This team borrows life examples from scriptures. Each singer on the team understands the value of applying Biblical themes and songs in services. They also commit to connecting with Christians by creating healthy, worshipping environment. Upon attending these services, Christians testify to experiencing contemporary and stylish worship sessions.

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Series and Archives for Spiritual Growth

Spiritual nourishment is an internal process. Mighty Fortress Church creates a friendly environment that promotes spiritual growth through books. With books being a viable source for disseminating vital information in life, Mighty Fortress Church has published over 100 books to foster spiritual growth and personal nourishment through the word of God. Some of the books include The Blood Covenant, Faith and Patience and The Joshua Generation. These are just some of the books that symbolize the church’s commitment to strengthen Christianity by disseminating spiritual information.

Additional Information

Mighty Fortress Church is guided by core values and the belief that Christianity is God’s work in humanity. The church has expanded its horizons to cater for every Christian who needs spiritual and emotional support. Watch this video on Youtube.