Organo Gold: Their Social Media Presence

by: Lexie2005
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Organo Gold is a company that is well-known for their healthy beverages. Aside from the delicious teas and coffees, however, Organo is very consistent when it comes to reaching out to their members and to their fan base. The company’s social media page is booming.

Everyone uses Facebook. This makes Facebook an ideal platform to show off products and to attract new customers. Many people in the network marketing industry use Facebook to find prospects and to keep in touch with their team; Organo Gold is no different. View Organo Gold’s profile on

The company can be seen making regular posts on Facebook. These posts advertise Organo’s products as well as express the company’s values and other interests.

For example, Organo is going on a cruise in October 2018. The flyer that covers this has an image of a smiling family running hand-in-hand along the shore of a beautiful white sand beach with clear, blue waters. What is this picture telling onlookers? It is letting them know that freedom can be theirs when they partner with Organo. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

This picture, at its core, is telling viewers that they can have the time freedom and the financial freedom to plan trips and to just get up and leave whenever they are in the mood to do so if they are associated with Organo Gold.

To the untrained eye, this image is of a family enjoying nature and the sunshine. As stated, however, the image is so much more than that. People who seek time freedom and financial freedom or even simply financial independence will be able to look at this picture and know what Organo is trying to say.

That’s the power of social media. People and companies can say whatever they want to say without actually using words; images are enough. Organo Gold knows the power and influence of social media and knows that their products and goals will reach the right people if they utilize their platforms correctly.