Revealed; Billionaires Secrets On Getting Investments That Yield Huge Returns

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Getting to the top of the ladder as an investor is not an easy thing. As a matter of fact, there is evidence which shows that more than 50 percent of SMEs that are started fail within a year of being started. Yet, despite all these challenges there are many others that make it past the rough times and succeed.

One of the success stories in investing is the CEO of Capital Research and Management Services, Tim Armour. The man has been in business for the past thirty years and has gathered enough knowledge and experience to make him an excellent business advisor.

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Tim started his journey with a degree in economics from the Middlebury College. After graduating, he was appointed to the post of chairman of the organization. He has grown a lot with the company and understands all types of client situations when they approach him for advice on investment. He says that one of his biggest goals as a person is getting to understand the needs of the clients and guiding them towards the investment choices that will work best for them and give them maximum profit.

The company currently has a net worth of more than a billion dollars in assets. Their success can be attributed to, among other things the efforts that they have made to recover after the dip in performance that followed the demise of their previous chairman. They have rebounded well with the guidance of Tim and the company is even receiving better reviews from the media. As Rothenberg’s deputy, he knew that there were issues with the administration, like the accusations about being too secretive about their activities. He has worked to change the reputation and the company is now opening up more about their deals to the media. When he is not working for the company, he relaxes with his family, which is based in Los Angeles.