Shillito Park

Bethany came through with some awesome directions.

if entering from the Reynolds Road entrance close to the mall, drive into the park, pass the pool on your right, pass the tennis courts also on your right, and pass the playground (on your right). you’ll get to a parking lot (on your right) that’s the last parking lot before you exit the park–this is probably the best location to meet.

The course itself is about 2.3 miles so you’re welcome to come and run, walk, run/walk as many laps as you’d like!


Happy running!


5 thoughts on “Shillito Park

  1. Jackie says:

    Looking forward to it! Love that park.

  2. […] May 20th at 4pm – We’ll run the loop at Shillito Park. Directions on where to meet are here. The Summer Runners will have a leader for the Sunday runs, but everyone is welcome to come out and […]

  3. […] We’re approaching the end of the training for our C25Kers! And Shillito is a good loop to join us! 2.3ish mile loop. Parking directions are here. […]

  4. […] The Revolution Runners will be running Week 3! Come out and run with us! Click here for directions on where to meet. […]

  5. […] I meant it when I told you that we’d run the whole loop next time we were out there! Parking directions are here: […]

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